Ways to encourage children.

Give Positive Feedback: Praising your students is one of the most effective and easiest ways to lift their spirits and keep them working hard. Teachers who excel at praising their students do it publicly as well as privately, both verbally and in writing. They send notes home to parents (when appropriate) and have special events during school to

Learning differences among children

Children learn at different paces, this can be attributed to their individual differences. its the duty of the teacher to adopt various means with the help of instructional materials that will be of beneficial to the pupils. Assistant teachers should be well trained to assist teachers in areas where she is blind sided. while the

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Creche The section is exclusive for babies that have attained the age from 4 months to 11/2 years. This section helps working mothers relax at their work with the assurance that their children are in safe hands. Parents must submit the following documents with a completed admission form: o A photocopy of child’s birthday certificate

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WHAT IS EXCELLENCE? The origin of the word ‘Excel’ comes from two Latin words ‘ex- and cellere’ when joined together formed ‘excellere’ in the 14th century, which meant “to rise, surpass, be eminent”. The Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary defined excel as being superior to or surpassing in accomplishment or achievement. Excellence is the noun form

Chrysolite International Schools

Welcome to Chrysolite International Schools. Chrysolite International schools boast of a loving and conducive atmosphere, where children are highly valued and trained mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our Vision To lead pupils to find fulfillment in life, and to empower them to succeed through academic excellence. Our Mission To explore the hidden potentials of