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About Us
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What is Excellence?

The origin of the word ‘Excel’ comes from two Latin words ‘ex- and cellere’ when joined together formed ‘excellere’ in the 14th century, which meant “to rise, surpass, be eminent”. The Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary defined excel as being superior to or surpassing in accomplishment or achievement.
Excellence is the noun form of excel which can be described as a measurement of quality which surpasses ordinary standard. It connotes outstanding or valuable.
It is also used as a standard performance indicator. Hence, excellence is an art won by training, discipline, and habituation. It is not hereditary but a habit born out of desire to get to the highest level. People of excellence go the extra mile to do their best.

About Us

Studies have shown that the most important way to achieve excellence is through practice, dedication and determination. Find something that you are really passionate about, pursue it, set Goals, and commit yourself to excellence.

He who is governed by moral excellence may be compared to the Pole Star which abides in its place while other stars bow down towards it.

Therefore, the key that will unlock the door to personal excellence is the will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach your full potential.

Integrity and sacrifice are very essential principles of excellence. In the business sector, it entails being a front runner in terms of products and services provided that are reliable and safe for the intended users. Also, meeting all obligations and continuously learning and improving in all spheres to achieve the set target is a requirement for excellence.

It is excellence that makes a product to stand the test of time and remain relevant in the complex competitive world. Some good products we knew in the past have gone into extinction because they lack excellence.

Academic excellence implies good focus and concentration on academic work all the time. It demands good work ethics expressed in punctuality, regularity and obedience to school rules and regulations.

It is inimical to procrastination, truancy and levity. It requires putting in extra effort, asking questions when you are unsure of something, listening to the teacher, completing assignments and projects and turning it in on time.

Excellence is the ability to perform and develop confidence to achieve greater height of accomplishment and satisfaction. If we use our talents, abilities, and skills in the best way we can attain excellence.

Chrysolite has what it takes to achieve excellence. Scholars must desire, dream and aspire to excel, and to earn the title His or Her Excellency in future.