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First Term Newsletter – 2018/2019 Academic Session

The staff and management of Chrysolite International School welcome you back to school. We are grateful to God for His faithfulness and protection over our lives during the vacation.

We also welcome specially the new parents who are joining the Chrysolite Family for the first time.

The new parents are required to carefully read the hand book they were given and make sure they comply with all our rules and regulations. They are also  advised to purchase a copy of the PTA Constitution from the Administrative Officer.

Hereunder are the highlights of the term’s activities and a few issues we want you to take note of:

Punctuality at school: We expect all pupils and students to be in school by 7:00 a.m.  Please help the children get to school on time. If for any reason your child will be late or absent, call the Administrative Secretary or the Principal on the following numbers: Administrative Secretary 0703 955 7107, Principal 0810 546 3220.

Hair Styles: This is to remind parents that the use of artificial extensions for pupils and students’ hair style is strictly forbidden. We want our children to look like school children. Girls must have their hair plaited, braided nicely or cut low for easy management. Boys must also have their hair cut low.  Fanciful and designer haircuts are not allowed (e.g. The Rocket man Hair Style is prohibited).

Footwear: Parents are reminded that only low-heeled black shoes on school uniforms and white canvas on PE wears are allowed for school, with white socks for nursery primary and navy blue socks for secondary students. Multi-coloured socks, sandals and shoes in fanciful colours are not allowed.

Food safety: To make sure food eaten by children in school is free from contamination; parents are advised to give children their launch packs as they are leaving the house to school in the morning.  Passing the child’s food from one hand to another is not safe. Please do not send someone to give food to your child because the school will NOT allow children to accept launch packs from house maids, drivers, uncles and aunties etc.

Hand washing: Please help us enforce the habit of frequent hand washing in our children, as a way of maintaining personal hygiene.

Pick-up time: Every child is supposed to be picked up by 2:45 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and 1:30pm on Fridays. Late picking of children attracts a fine of N500. The fine will be paid to teachers on duty.

Fruit Day: All Chrysolite students and pupils are Fruit dayrequired to bring their choice fruits to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is to inculcate into our children the habit of taking natural fruits which are rich in vitamins instead of fruit juices that have little or no nutritional value. Therefore, scholars are prohibited from bringing juice to school on Tuesdays and Thursday. Parents should endeavour to give children their choice/best fruits.

Sickness/ill health: A sick child should not be sent to school. Rather he/she should be given proper medical attention. Please always inform the school whenever a scholar is absent from school due to ill health.

Assessment/Assignments & Midterm Project: Please note that students evaluation will be based on mid-term assessment, class assignments, computer based test (CBT) and end of term examination. Encourage your child to take these exercises serious. Students should always complete and submit assignment or midterm project on time and failure to return assignment at the appropriate date will attract disciplinary action.

Discipline: Proverb 15:10a ‘Correction is grievous unto him that forsakes the way…….’ Proverb 23:14’ Thou shall beat him with the rod, and shall deliver his soul from hell’. The school will discipline any scholar that disobeys the school rules and regulations in terms of putting on wrong uniform, wrong hair style, late submission of assignment, failing to submit assignment, quarreling, fighting, stealing etc.

Clubs: The school clubs are functioning effectively and our children are learning with fun. You are reminded that each child is required to belong to at least one of the clubs. Membership of any these clubs is N3000 only. Participation is based on payment of the N3000.

Skills acquisition (HATS/ HAIR FASCINATOR):  The students will have a training program on how to make Hat/ Hair Fascinators this term. The cost of the training is N2000 only.

School Fees: We enjoin our esteemed parents who are yet to settle bills to kindly do so before Friday 28th September, 2018 to enable us run smooth academic activities devoid of any form of disruption. School fee not paid on this date is late.

Payments can be done at any of these banks:

  1. First Bank Woji A/c No. 2017891406
  2. Zenith Bank Rumuibekwe Branch A/c No. 1011299117
  3. Unity Bank Trans Amadi Branch A/c No. 0014009811
  4. Ecobank Woji Branch A/c No.5242014230

Parents’ Teachers Association: The P.T.A executive urges all parents to attend meetings as decisions made are binding. Your presence offers opportunity for your participation in making decisions that will be best for our children’s academic, social and moral upbringing. Management will continue to ensure your ward/s learn in a safe and conducive environment.

Text-to-parents: Most of our school-related messages will still be conveyed to parents via text messages and email. Please inform us if you have changed your mobile number or if for some reason you are not receiving the messages.


1 Resumption Monday  10th September 2018
2 Independence Day Celebration Monday 1st October 2018

(National Public Holiday)

3 World Teachers Day Friday 5th October 2018
4 NAPPS Day Celebration 12th October 2018 (Public holiday)
5 Mid-term Assessment 17th – 24th  October 2018
6 Mid-term Break 26th – 29th October 2018
7 Resumption from midterm break Tuesday 30th October 2018
8 Examination 3rd – 12th November 2018
9 PTA Meeting  
10 Visit to Charity Home 11th December 2018
11 Christmas Party Fri  14th December 2018
12 Collection of Result 14th  December 2018

NOTE: These are tentative dates and are subject to change if the need arises.

And lastly, compliments: The management and staff are grateful to you; our highly esteemed parents, for taking good care of the children during the vacation. We are wishing you a happy and fulfilled first term as we work in synergy to secure the future of these children. Together we do it better!


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